It’s that time of year again, when you take a step back, see where your life’s going and come up with some goals to try and set yourself on a better path. Whether you will stick to these with an iron will or forget about them within the week, here are some resolutions you might want to consider.

Lose weight

Around 70 percent of Americans are overweight, which has certainly made this one of the most popular resolutions in that country. Losing weight requires time, dedication, patience, a balanced diet and exercise. A balanced diet is key; don’t starve yourself. Cut back on the sweets and eat more fruits and vegetables. It won’t happen overnight but if you stay committed, you’ll get there.

Stop smoking

Along with drinking and nail biting, this is another nasty habit that needs to go. Just like weight loss, it will be difficult and will require a great deal of dedication. However, if you succeed, your health, the health of the people around you and your wallet will be better for it.

Spend more time with family and friends

Yeah, those guys. How are they doing? Why not take them out and talk to them over dinner? (Actually talk, don’t just stare at your phone the entire time.) Parents, come up with some activities to share with your kids, and friends, really reach out rather than just using social media.

Save money

Always a good idea, as you might need it someday. Perhaps save enough to go somewhere besides Miami or to pay off that debt. Try spending less money; that new thingamabob is very shiny, but do you really need it? Organize your finances, it’ll save you a lot of pain later.

Volunteer work

Giving back is always a great idea. There are many non-profit organizations that could use the help, from donating your time to donating money, it’s always welcome. Helping others is very fulfilling and great for your happiness and if you’re not happy, then what’s the point?

Go back to school

It’s always good to learn new things, and school is a great place to do just that. Enroll in one of the local tertiary institutions to get a degree or maybe learn another language. Going back to school also brings a number of side benefits with it, such as meeting new people and making new friends with like interests.

Take a walk

Go outside and take a look around the neighborhood. Be one with nature! There are many positives to be earned through a simple action: Getting exercise, a break from technology, sunlight, fresh air, and a moment to relax and de-stress.

Be happy

Enjoy life more. Find the simple pleasures or try out something new. Take up a hobby, have a vacation or visit the cinema. Order something different at the restaurant or get to know someone you see around but don’t talk to. A little variety goes a long way. Expand your horizons.

Become more informed

Do you watch the news? Are you aware of what’s going on beyond your front door? Being informed about the world around you is so important, particularly if you are interested in traveling to exotic locales. Not only will you discover so much more about other countries, but you’ll become a popular choice on a pub quiz team.

Stop procrastinating

How many of last year’s resolutions did you keep putting off until they slowly faded away? Let this year be the year you really stick to them. You’ll finally get around to writing that book, reconnecting with a sibling or getting in shape. Right?

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