Apps for New Year’s resolutions

It is now 2019 and you have resolved to change some of your bad habits. Whether it is spending money willy nilly or eating junk morning, noon and night, your weakness may be tough to combat, particularly in the long run.

The success rate for New Year’s resolutions is quite low. Only about 46 percent of resolution makers were still sticking to their resolution six months into the year, a 2002 study in the Journal of Clinical Psychology found. So, how do you avoid falling into the category of the other 54 percent? By organizing a support system and taking advantage of tools at your disposal.

Here are five apps that cover some of the most popular resolutions, from weight loss to managing money and learning a second language.

Way of Life

This app does not tackle just one particular bad habit; it targets all of them. You can keep track of how you are doing and hold yourself accountable. When trying to lose weight, writing down everything you eat is recommended. This works the same way. Keep a record of how much water you are drinking, whether you are meditating enough, how many sodas and how much alcohol you have consumed, and even how much time you put aside to catch up on your reading. If you fall off the wagon, so to speak, there are journal areas where you can make notes as to why you did.

The free version of Way of Life allows you to choose three goals to track, but for only $5 you can choose unlimited goals. Be smart about it; setting yourself 50 goals will be difficult to achieve, no matter what apps you have at your disposal.


Where does the money go? If you are someone who has to ask themselves that question every month, maybe it is time you actually tried to ascertain the answer. The Mint app will help you get a handle on your budget and can assign monthly amounts to recurring expenses such as utility bills and groceries, as well as track what you are spending on socializing, clothing and home improvement. One of the easiest ways to go through more funds than you planned is to only consider the large expenses; you forget how the small ones can really add up.

This is a free app, so you have nothing to lose by trying it.


If you want to exercise more and follow your progression, FitNotes is an excellent app for the job.

Get a grip on your exercise regimen and start using the gym membership that you paid for months ago. One of the hardest things to do is turn the steering wheel of your car into that parking lot, but once you get started, it should not take long for you to realize the benefits and keep going. FitNotes monitors your fitness progress, allows you to create workouts and look back on what you have accomplished. That feeling of pride alone should be enough to motivate you to go on (not to mention the clothes that are no longer choking you around the waist).


Learning another language is a great idea, particularly if you are a traveler, and with many having words in common (such as Spanish, French, English and Italian), a bit of education can linguistically open up the world to you. The Duolingo app offers easy ways to get a grasp of over 20 languages. Will you sound like a local within a week? No, but you should be able to get by as a tourist if you stick with it. Considering the fact that Rosetta Stone is quite pricey and Duolingo is free, the way forward should be clear. Give the latter a go and see how you like it.

Duolingo is a free app that can help you learn a second (or third) language.