The Caribbean Utilities Company experienced a brief power outage caused by iguanas on a power line on Tuesday.

CUC spokeswoman Pat Bynoe-Clarke said the outage affected 1,268 customers in two different areas.

All four iguanas were killed from exposure to the power lines.

“Sometimes, iguanas get onto the line,” she said. “It happens on an island.”

The power outage lasted an hour and 17 minutes, and crews worked to restore service to customers in downtown George Town and around Eastern Avenue.

CUC was forced to iguana-proof several electricity poles around Grand Cayman in 2016 after a series of reptile-related power outages. Workers wrapped metal sheeting around nearly half of the island’s utility poles in an effort to keep the iguanas from getting onto lines and causing outages.

CUC has also had power outages caused by snakes and frogs in the past.

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  1. This is disgraceful of CUC to inconvenience their customers because of CUC negligence and lack of maintenance. They put metal bans on half the poles but didn’t trim back tree branches from the poles. CUC the iguanas can get onto the poles from branches of trees, so if you’re going to do preventive maintenance don’t do it half way .