Adrian Stephen Porter was found in contempt of court while awaiting sentencing on a charge of common assault Tuesday in Magistrate Philippa McFarlane’s courtroom.

Mr. Porter, who had been found guilty at trial, was ordered to undergo a social inquiry report before sentencing. Magistrate McFarlane began reading the findings of the report, and she said Mr. Porter had “no interest in taking part in the process” and had “contempt for the process.”

“Exactly,” Mr. Porter said in response to the magistrate.

Magistrate McFarlane warned Mr. Porter that he could be found in contempt, and she said she would not tolerate attitudes like the one he had displayed in previous trips to her courtroom.

A few moments later, after Mr. Porter angrily responded to Magistrate McFarlane’s assertion that he had made an “entirely unprovoked attack on a female,” the defendant was found in contempt.

Mr. Porter will return to Magistrate McFarlane’s court for sentencing on common assault Wednesday.


  1. This is an excellent example of what is wrong with our society.
    Here is a person who was convicted of assault, then when he was given the opportunity of a trial in full public view, he verbally attacks the court.

    Magistrate McFarlane was well within her rights to hold this person in contempt. Our society and all of its members must return to and treasure a respect for authority. This starts with respect for parents, other relatives, teachers, the police, and other government authorities including members of the court.

  2. I agree Rodney, that there’s a lack of respect for authorities in the Island . That is caused by one not enforcing their authority and letting it get out of hand and out of control is what has happened in the Cayman Islands today .

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