Gerado George Conolly pleaded guilty in Grand Court last week to charges including robbery, theft, possession of an unlicensed firearm and damage to property, all arising from the same incident.

Mr. Conolly pleaded guilty to robbing a clerk at Lookout Gardens Fresh Fruit and Mini Mart on Anton Bodden Drive in Bodden Town on June 14, 2017. An undetermined amount of cash was taken by using force or threat of force. Also stolen were a cellphone and car keys.

The keys were then used to steal the store owner’s 2017 Ford Explorer.

The firearm was a modified marine flare gun.

After stealing the vehicle, Mr. Conolly was in a collision near Breakers, causing damage in excess of $3,000 to the Explorer.

Justice Charles Quin said he would order a social inquiry report before sentencing.

Senior crown counsel Nicole Petit asked for a victim impact report also.

Defense attorney Prathna Bodden agreed to March 15 as the date for sentencing and Mr. Conolly was remanded in custody until then.

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