Attorney receives award for pro bono work

Civil litigation and family law attorney Pramod Joshi has received the 2017 Lee A. Freeman service award from the Family Resource Centre.

A Family Resource Centre announcement states that Mr. Joshi served a total of 78 volunteer hours last year for the Family Resource Centre’s “legal befrienders service,” which provides free and confidential legal advice to those in need.

In 2016 Mr. Joshi, a former chairman of the U.K.’s Hindu Lawyers Association, joined legal befrienders following a brief probationary period. Mr. Joshi said been drawn to the service as he had done similar work in the U.K. in the 1990s.

The Family Resource Centre’s programs coordinator, Charmaine Miller, said Mr. Joshi is “an exemplary volunteer and a well-respected lawyer by his peers.”

“Throughout his service, he has demonstrated passion, selflessness, and commitment in serving those in crisis,” she added. Health Minister Dwayne Seymour also commended Mr. Joshi for his service.

“Like the Good Samaritan, he helps those in need,” said Mr. Seymour. “I hope his volunteerism with the legal befrienders will inspire others to sign-up for voluntary work. We have many wonderful clubs and organizations offering a wide range of voluntary work locally and I encourage everyone to give back.”

Mr. Joshi said he is “deeply humbled” to receive the award, which was created in recognition of the late Lee A. Freeman, who the Family Resource Centre called a “stalwart volunteer.”

“New volunteers are always welcome and I encourage more lawyers to sign up to give a few hours of pro bono assistance a month,” he said.

The Family Resource Centre also acknowledged volunteer Moesha Ramsay-Howell, whose role is to assist clients in the pre-screening process before receiving legal advice.

Ms. Ramsay-Howell was the 2017 Lay Volunteer award recipient. Other volunteers that have also assisted throughout the years received certificates of appreciation for their dedication and contributions to the service.

The legal befrienders service is offered weekly to individuals and families requiring legal advice regarding issues that include, but are not limited to domestic violence, child custody, work-related matters or immigration issues.

For further information about joining the legal befrienders service or to book an appointment, contact the Family Resource Centre at 949-0006.

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