Spring Fling raises funds for National Trust

The scene is set for the annual 'Spring Fling' on Cayman Brac.

The Cayman National Trust’s Spring Fling fundraiser, held this past Saturday on White Bay Road, Cayman Brac, brought home the message of recycling and reusing to the many supporters and trust members who attended.

At the event, attendees were encouraged to recycle and to aid in the “recycleable, re-usable” effort geared at reusing china, glass, stainless steel utensils, tablecloths and decorations, according to organizers.

To aid in this, a collection site for used tableware was set up to have food implements cleared and cleaned for reuse. No plastic straws were used for drinks, which were doled out in large glass dispensers, and food scraps were collected to feed the soldier crabs.

The program showed support toward reducing landfill space and overall need for recycling programs.

Music was provided by DJ Mark Knowlton.

The event included a silent auction and a live auction presided over by professional auctioneer Doug Ross, and a “split-the-cash” raffle, according to a release from the Brac District Committee.

Attendees help themselves to glasses of punch – no disposable plastic glasses in sight.

The Veterans and Seamen’s Society of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman were the successful bidders on the big-ticket item of an antique ship’s telegraph, donated by a volunteer’s family. It will be displayed in the Veterans’ and Seamen’s Centre.

Locally crafted thatch brooms were contributed to raise funds and awareness of native talents.

To get the event grounds in tip-top shape, a team of volunteers worked under the direction of Robin Ross and Debra Vascik.

Funds will benefit the trust’s favorite cause: providing permanent sanctuary for native animals and plants.

Members and supporters line up for some of the delicious food on offer.

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