Rotary offers free health screening

More than 7,000 have benefited from free Rotary screenings to date

Rotary Central and Health Services Authority experts are offering free health checks and advice islandwide on Saturday.

Rotarians and health specialists will be at Foster’s Food Fair IGA Airport, Foster’s Strand and Foster’s Countryside, Hurley’s Supermarket, A. L. Thompson’s, and Cost-U-Less from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. providing health checks for cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.

“Rotary Central has many initiatives which address the identified needs of the community; health is one of them,” said Rotary health initiative chairperson Zelta Gayle.

“The club identified the need for early detection of chronic conditions which will not only contribute to better quality of life, but also to the extension of life.” She said diabetes, hypertension and elevated cholesterol levels can result in major complications such as heart disease, kidney failure, loss of vision, loss of limbs and even death.

For the eighth annual screening services, Rotarians will be teaming up with nurses, doctors, emergency medical technicians, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, phlebotomists, student nurses from the University College of the Cayman Islands, ward clerks and community volunteers.

Health checks will also include: A1C, which maps the blood sugar range over the past two to three months; BMI calculation with counseling, including height and weight measurements; prospective blood donor recruitment; on-site physician consultation; counseling by diabetes resource personnel; distribution of free educational literature; recording of biometrics on a wallet-sized card for future reference; and referrals to the ER or general practitioners as warranted.

Over the past years, more than 7,000 people have received free Rotary-organized health screenings, many of whom have been referred to the emergency room because of the severity of their previously undiagnosed conditions, or to their general practitioners for more thorough investigations and treatment of their newly diagnosed chronic illnesses, according to a Rotary release.

Because there is an on-site physician for consultation, serious conditions besides elevated blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels have been identified. These include symptomatic bradycardia (very slow heart beat) and deep vein thrombosis.