Yello aims to recycle old directories

Students at Cayman Prep help in the 2016 Yello2Green recycling project.

Yello is enlisting the community to aid in its efforts to promote recycling. Yello’s annual community recycling program, “Yello2Green,” launched on March 5 and will run through March 25.

The program is run annually throughout Cayman, and it has saved more than 190,000 directories from the George Town landfill, according to the company.

Old phone books that are collected over the next three weeks will be converted to reusable material.

Yello2Green recycling containers are being placed in convenient locations throughout Grand Cayman, such as at four Foster’s Food Fair IGA locations, Hurley’s Supermarket and the Yello office.

At the end of the program, directories will be sent by Tropical Shipping to Green Fiber, a manufacturer that creates products out of reusable materials. After their conversion to reusable material, the phone books will be used in home insulation.

According to Yello, the goals of the program are to lead the community to increase environmental awareness and protection, to educate children on the importance of recycling, and to reduce waste in the landfill.

Toward that end, the Yello2Green School Challenge will encourage primary school children to engage in a friendly challenge. The school that collects the most directories per student body will win. Prizes will be awarded for first place ($1,500), second place ($1,000) and third place ($700).

All participating schools will reward the class that collects the most directories with a celebratory Subway sandwich party. The student who collects the most directories will win a $100 gift certificate for school supplies. Eleven schools on Grand Cayman and three schools on Cayman Brac are participating.

For information about how to get involved in Yello2Green, contact Melanie Shambaugh at 814-1762 or via email at [email protected] More information is available on


  1. If Yello would like to really show how they can be environmentally conscious, I recommend not delivering two paper directories to every household. I don’t need two copies. Yello now has a great app – so there’s even less need for all these paper directories.

    I recommend having pick-up locations so those who want a paper directory can pick one up. Have these available at the grocery stores, major work centers, hardware stores, etc.

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