Law firm Dentons to combine with Dinner Martin

International law firm Dentons has announced its intention to combine with Dinner Martin in the Cayman Islands and Delany Law in the Eastern Caribbean as part of its growth strategy in the region.

Dentons is the largest law firm in the world by headcount.

Dinner Martin was founded in 2013 by David Dinner and Randall Martin. The firm is an active member of the Nextlaw Referral Network and primarily handles onshore litigation matters, but has the licenses required for corporate service and offshore finance work, Dentons said.

“We are growing faster in Latin America and the Caribbean, and with truly high-quality firms, in a way that no one has ever done before,” said Elliott Portnoy, global CEO of Dentons.

The combinations are expected to launch later in 2018, following approval by partners and subject to meeting regulatory requirements. They will give Dentons’ clients access to the experience and talents of lawyers working in 73 countries, the law firm said.

“Clients within the Caribbean, and clients wanting to do business there, will benefit from high-quality legal service on a truly global scale that only Dentons can offer,” said Joe Andrew, global chairman of Dentons. “Our clients have access to the deep local knowledge that is provided by lawyers who are both in and of the communities they serve.”

The combinations in the Caribbean come in the wake of rapid expansion in Latin America, with a strategic alliance launched last year with Brazil’s Vella Pugliese Buosi Guidoni (VPBG) as well as a combination with Gallo Barrios Pickmann in Peru. They also follow the earlier launch of Dentons Muñoz in Central America, and of Dentons López Velarde in Mexico and Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas in Colombia.

“These combinations will allow us to continue our unprecedented, rapid growth in Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Jorge Alers, CEO of Dentons’ Latin America and Caribbean region.

Dentons at the same time announced it is combining with two firms in Mauritius, one in Kenya, and one each in Indonesia and Malaysia.

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