An adult hospitality group has announced plans for a “topless cruise” to the Caribbean, with stops in Mexico and Grand Cayman.

The Original Group, which runs adult-themed resorts in Mexico, revealed last week it would be organizing a Temptation Caribbean Cruise – a five-night voyage where clothing appears to be optional.

The company, which markets itself as a “playground for grown-ups,” said in a statement to TravelPulse that the cruise would depart Tampa, Florida, on Feb. 13, 2020.

According to the statement, the group runs Cancun’s number one “adult-centric resort” and specializes in quality services in a carefree atmosphere.

“Our new Temptation Caribbean Cruise is part of an ambitious global plan to continue expanding and establishing ourselves as the leaders of the adult travel industry worldwide,” said CEO Rodrigo de la Pena.

Any passengers disembarking in Grand Cayman may encounter a less carefree approach to public nudity.

Various travel and tourist guides advise that topless bathing is banned on the island and the Towns and Communities Law indicates that anyone who “in any thoroughfare or public space, indecently exposes his or her person” is guilty of an offense and liable on conviction to a fine of $1,000 or six months imprisonment.


  1. They can take this Island off the itinerary because the Court House and people wouldn’t be able to handle it ..
    That would be terrible sight to see everyone lined up from the cruise port to the Court House .

  2. This is just unbelievable that 50 people would agree with the article that a topless cruise ship passengers coming to Cayman is good , but no one would comment and say why they’re agreeing with it . Is it possible that everyone see the opportunity to sell them all t-shirts .

  3. I wonder why DOT or the Premier or someone in Government hasn’t come out publicly saying something about this topless cruise plans about coming to Cayman . Are we going to leave them and let them show up topless and turn them away and make a real big stink ? Like we did when the controversial cruise showed up and was turned away some years ago , and the stink was so big that Government had a hard time dealing with it .

  4. I am in favour of the ship coming, any ship brings business. They will be told that the rules here are no indecent exposure and they will respect it. From the point of view of my business it means a lot of adult couples with no kids and much spending money.

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