Security guards robbed for cash bag outside Wendy’s

George Town Police Station

Two security guards collecting money from the Wendy’s restaurant in Savannah were robbed late Tuesday night, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service reported.

The heist occurred around 11:40 p.m. Tuesday, It was the latest in a string of robberies to occur around the island within the past month.

According to police, the security officers were approached in their vehicle by two armed, masked suspects.

Police said the armed men demanded that the officers hand over a bag containing business takings from the restaurant. A black backpack belonging to one of the security officers was also taken.

The two suspects ran away using the small road, Astral Way, located behind the Wendy’s.

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No shots were fired and no one was hurt, police said.

Both suspects were described as being 5 feet, 7 inches tall, slim and of dark complexion. They wore black shirts and light-colored pants, police said.

Recent robberies

Police are still investigating a number of other armed robberies which have occurred in recent weeks.

A pregnant woman and her boyfriend were held up outside their home in Prospect on Feb. 27.

In that incident, police said two armed robbers took the victims inside their home, where the suspects were given $900 cash and some jewelry before driving away.

A pair of robberies occurred the night of March 3, one in Bodden Town at the Czech Inn restaurant, and another at the Rollin convenience store in George Town. A police chase involving a suspect vehicle connected with the robberies ended in a gunfight between police and the robbery suspects. One man, 23-year-old Odain Ebanks, has since been charged for robbery at the Czech Inn.

On March 13, two young men walking along Seven Mile Beach near Lizard Run Drive were approached by another young man who threatened them, stating he had a gun.

The two refused to give the would-be robber anything and he ran off, police said.

On March 23, a man was punched and robbed for his phone and shoes near Tropical Gardens Road, George Town, police said. The victim was not seriously injured from the assault. The suspects appeared to be younger than 20, according to police.

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  1. I think that the Premier needs to do alot more than just talking to the new Governor about crime in Cayman .
    Business can’t even get their money to the banks , People been robbed for their shoes , one can’t come home for lunch without finding an intruder in her home . I am happy that she had a baseball bat and balls, or her situation could turned out to be tragic.
    I think that he should be showing some Leadership in the LA , and talking about changing some of these 50 year old Laws that were made for when Cayman had very low crime .

  2. Now here’s behavior that I don’t know what to call it . Here we have crime that is effecting everyone’s life indirectly or directly , that we have very little interest in correcting . To not even read the articles that pertains to the crime issue , and not to even agree or disagree publicly with the issues of CRIME .

    Here we have the Cayman Compass the News Media bringing the problem to our attention, but we aren’t joining in to help fix the problems . Do we know that there are people who are responsible for fixing the CRIME problem ?
    And we all are part of fixing the problem . We can be putting pressure on the ones that are responsible for fixing it . We have to be responsible for when we see and know about a crime being committed to report it or say something ?
    When I look at the CRIME issue in the Cayman Islands , it looks like very few people are trying to fix it . This is like , when there’s one kid in the family that see the other kid do something wrong and tells mama and daddy about it, and they don’t do anything about it . Then what happens after that , is the other kid thinks that’s there is nothing wrong and he can do it too , then now we have two doing wrong . Then if those two aren’t corrected then pretty soon the whole family will be doing wrong. How do we expect to fix this problem without everyone including Government coming together to fix it ?