The Cayman Islands Judicial Administration is seeking applicants who wish to serve as “guardians ad litem” in court cases involving child welfare. The application deadline is Friday, April 6.

A guardian ad litem is typically appointed in cases where a child is without parents or family members who can act in the child’s best interests and where the child is not represented by an attorney. The role of the guardian ad litem is to ensure that the child’s interests are considered when making decisions about where and with whom the child should be placed.

Among the responsibilities of the role are meeting with the child, interviewing relevant people, reading and writing reports, attending court hearings and trials, and possibly giving sworn testimony. The work often requires travel to meet with the people involved in a case. A stipend is provided to cover the cost of the work.

The Judicial Administration says applicants should have “a flexible schedule to allow you to attend court hearings, to meet with relevant persons. You should also have strong written and analytical skills and should be a person of good character.”

More details can be seen on the notice board at For further information, contact [email protected]

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