Health regulator investigating private ambulance service

A medical business that provides ambulance services to Health City has been forced to suspend operations pending an investigation from the Health Practice Commission.

Cayman Islands MedEvac Ltd. has been ordered to “cease and desist” all services until further notice from the commission, the regulator for healthcare in the territory.

A letter sent to all registered healthcare facilities simply states that the commission “found it necessary to conduct an investigation” into the business and includes no further details.

Neither Cayman Islands MedEvac or Health City wished to comment. The Health Practice Commission did not respond to requests for comment.


  1. Now what is going on with the Health Practice Commission . Isn’t it necessary to have these Ambulances available in emergencies for the people of every end of the Island ? How many ambulance services are available on the Island for 60 thousand population plus another 10 thousand visitors ? That the commission can supend services from one while they do an investigation . Does this Commission care about the peoples need when their life is threatened in an emergency?

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