Police issued 187 speeding tickets to drivers over the two-week period of March 17-31.

Most of the speeding offenses occurred on the Linford Pierson and Esterley Tibbetts Highways. Both roads have speed limits of 40 mph and most of those ticketed were caught traveling at speeds in excess of 60 mph, police said, with some drivers traveling as fast as 80 mph.

“We continue to see excessive speeding in these areas and advise the public to always be aware of the speed at which you are traveling,” said Inspector Ian Yearwood of the Traffic and Roads Policing Unit. “Our operations are ongoing and we will not be lenient on offenders. You not only put your life in danger while traveling at such speeds, but also the lives of your passengers and other road users.”

In addition to speeding tickets, officers also prosecuted a number of other traffic offenses, including 40 tickets for excessive tint.

In total, there were 341 speeding tickets issued in March.

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  1. I agree with Norman. This is pathetic. A 1000 tickets could have been issued if the government and hence police really cared about speeding. Until one of the lawmaker’s friends or family members gets injured or killed by a speeding/drunk driver, nothing more than the occasional ‘crackdown’ is going to occur.
    This is no surprise. The surprise is that suddenly the police do something.
    9 OUT OF 10 drivers are speeding. A culture of ‘I can do anything I want’ has bred (and has probably been around for decades), since drivers know that they won’t get caught. Every day I drive, I witness 90% of drivers speeding and/or driving dangerously close to vehicles in front of them. Some of these people will people WILL kill or maim others through their disdain for law and respect of others. If these drivers were caught and prosecuted, they would be banned, fined, or at least slowed down, and word of mouth would spread that bad drivers will get disciplined.
    Drink driving is also rampant on this island. Who is going to be the next innocent bystander, or road user to get killed or maimed by one of these drivers. Everyone personally knows others who drink and drive, all the time. When will government, and the police take these traffic offences seriously – because they certainly don’t at the moment, and perhaps never had. Will it be the death of a celebrity tourist that causes a change? It sure appears that the average person’s life isn’t worthy enough to get serious.
    The lack of respect for law is an inherent lack of respect for others – because the law is there to protect everyone.