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Nine arrested and 30 ticketed in police traffic operation

Nine people have been arrested on suspicion of DUI as part of a police initiative launched Friday dubbed 'Operation Quaker'.

Despite months of lockdown, speeding offences increase

Police so far this year have issued 827 more speeding tickets than for the entire of 2019 even though Cayman Islands residents were in lockdown for three months.

Police issue warning after spike in collisions

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service says there has been an increase in the number of collisions over the past week, adding it appears the vast majority of these collisions occurred due to speeding and people driving under the influence of alcohol.

Driving instructor calls for better behaviour on roads

If there is one thing that I am most infuriated and powerless over, it would have to be other drivers – other drivers who tailgate, drivers who cut me off, drivers who refuse to let me merge, drivers who are too selfish to use their indicators.

Rotary Central to launch anti-speeding campaign

Rotary Central Grand Cayman is launching an anti-speeding campaign in response to reports of large numbers of people exceeding speeding cases.

Police slam brakes on speeders

Since the start of May, police officers have issued more than 100 speeding tickets a week, as they tackle the increasing number of drivers breaking the speed limits.

Driver hospitalised after Bodden Town crash

A driver remained hospitalised Thursday after a collision with a dump truck in Bodden Town.

Reckless driving caught on video

Police are trying to identify a motorist caught on camera earlier this month overtaking traffic on the shoulder of oncoming traffic along Shamrock Road. Inspector...

NDC urges drivers to make the right choice for the holidays

The Christmas season has started, and with it comes a warning from the National Drug Council not to drink and drive.

Reckless speeding must be stopped

The recent tragedy in which a Bodden Town man was senselessly killed by a motor vehicle has compelled me to once again draw attention...

100 face prosecution for speeding in school zones

More than 100 people have been warned for intended prosecution and 10 have been disqualified from driving this year after speeding in a school zone.

Police crack down on drunk driving after brunch

Those looking to sip a few bubbles at Sunday brunch, beware – police say they’re cracking down on motorists who have had too many mimosas.

Two arrested, 55 tickets issued in police’s ‘Day of Action’

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service held a ‘Day of Action’ last week that involved 74 officers carrying out high-visibility traffic stops, patrols and liquor licence premises checks. During a variety of operations, police issued 55 traffic tickets and arrested two people.

One year on Cayman’s roads: 2,353 accidents, 8 deaths & 2,128 speeding tickets

Speed cameras could be on the horizon as police seek to get to grips with bad and dangerous driving on Cayman’s roads.

Burglary rate hits 18-year low

Police are crediting the arrest and imprisonment of a significant number of prolific offenders with causing a sharp drop in the burglary rate across the Cayman Islands.

Police issued 98 speeding tickets in a week

Police handed out 98 speeding ticket last week in a series of traffic operations to crack down on excessive speeding.

Traffic police target illegally tinted car windows

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has handed out a much higher-than-usual number of citations for illegally tinted car windows in recent weeks.

187 speeding tickets issued in two weeks

Police issued 187 speeding tickets to drivers over the two-week period of March 17-31.

UPDATE: Charges filed over police car vandalism in wake of East End car crash

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service arrested a suspect Friday in connection with what it termed a “criminal attack” against one of its officers’ personal property following last week’s quadruple-fatal two-car smash in East End district.

Police jump-start traffic unit

Anemic enforcement of traffic offenses like speeding, cellphone driving and drunken driving in the Cayman Islands in recent years is about to be put in reverse, according to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service chief of operations.

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