Reckless speeding must be stopped

The recent tragedy in which a Bodden Town man was senselessly killed by a motor vehicle has compelled me to once again draw attention to what is happening in Caymanian society.

We should have realised that Anton Bodden Drive is particularly prone to speeders. In the past, it was regularly monitored by the police who mounted speed traps to catch offending drivers. The speed limit has been reduced by 10 miles so as to deter those who would take the drive for the Daytona Speedway and yet users continue to drive with reckless abandon.

I am particularly disappointed in the fact that for all the money we pay for surveillance cameras, there is not a single camera mounted along this stretch of road. Now a citizen, a former policeman no less, has been mowed down by some ghoul and decent people remain at risk of the situation recurring.

The situation is not so much as Andrew Morris Gerrard warned us years ago that “modern roads would warrant us readying our drawing rooms for the caskets of the victims of road accidents”. Rather, it is the disrespect, ignorance and wanton disregard for pedestrians and other road users by those who feel they are entitled to break the law.

Regrettably, a good number of these are Caymanians but my observation also is that too many fall into the category of ‘other’. And just as they have ruined their society, so it seems they are hell bent on ruining ours.

J.A. Roy Bodden

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