The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service arrested a suspect Friday in connection with what it termed a “criminal attack” against one of its officers’ personal property following last week’s quadruple-fatal two-car smash in East End district.

Criminal charges were filed against the man late Monday.

The suspect, 30, a resident of East End, was arrested on suspicion of damage to property. According to an RCIPS press release issued at 9:20 p.m. Monday, the man was charged with damage to property, as well as ‘causing harassment, alarm or distress’ and was due to appear in court Tuesday.

The officer was the initial responder to the May 2 crash on Austin Conolly Drive that killed three U.K. tourists and a 22-year-old Jamaican man. The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service said the officer’s private vehicle was vandalized outside his home on the night of May 3, about 24 hours after the crash.

Police have repeatedly denied that the officer was involved in any chase of the Honda Accord, which the RCIPS said was speeding along the road toward Bodden Town district. Police Chief Inspector Frank Owens said the police car, which was headed in the opposite direction, saw the speeding vehicle, switched his overhead lights on and turned around. By then, the fatal crash had already occurred, police said.

The crash killed the 22-year-old man driving the Honda, identified as Shanroy Delapena of Jamaica. Police said two other people were riding in the trunk of the car, an 11-year-old boy and a 26-year-old man. They were seriously injured in the crash.

U.K. vacationers Ian Mansell, 72, his wife Pamela, 74, and Mrs. Mansell’s sister, Marlene Wright, died in the collision.

The mother of the 11-year-old boy injured in the crash, Jessica McFarlane, told the Cayman Compass Monday that her son, Joshua, had a different story from the one police were telling, when he returned home from the hospital Thursday night.

Ms. McFarlane said her son had been on a boat that night and told her he was riding in the Honda’s trunk on the return trip because he was wet. She said Joshua had noted police “watching them from shore” before they had gotten out of the water. Several conchs were found in the Honda following the crash and it is believed the men were in the water taking conch before the accident.

When contacted by phone Monday, Ms. McFarlane said she stood by the comments her son made that indicated officers had been watching the boy and the men he was with, and that she believed “every word my son said” regarding what had happened before the fatal crash.

Police Commissioner Derek Byrne lambasted the attack against his officer in a statement released last Thursday.

“I find this incident very troubling, where an officer is diligently going about his work to protect and serve the community, is a first responder and witness to a tragic motor vehicle accident with multiple deaths, and in his own district where he lives and works, is targeted with the threat of violence and damage to his personal property,” Mr. Byrne said. “This is akin to an attack on Cayman society and the criminal justice system. This is reprehensible and every effort will be brought to bear to locate and arrest those responsible.”

Police have said the cause of the May 2 crash was speeding.

The 26-year-old passenger, identified as Fitzroy Green of Jamaica, is still hospitalized. According to police, he’s been moved out of the hospital’s critical care unit and his condition was said to be improving.


  1. I am happy that the trunk victim is making progress in his recovery . I would say to RCIP don’t mess up on put the charges together on him and dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s and make a bright shining example of him , see what mama say then .

  2. I do hope that after this election, new and old MLA’s will consider two areas of Government. that need much attention and updating. We are ancient in our police force and also our immigration and education department. These three government department, makes and breaks what take place here on Island. We are too far behind and the employees are neglected by not having the sources to work with. In the past four years someone in the Government has squeezed the life out of these departments causing a whole lot of problems. As much money as the Cayman Islands government have, you mean to tell me that they cannot have a body cam attached to an officer in each police vehicle. Teachers are suffering in class rooms; ask them. Immigration got their hands and feet tied up no up to date source. These things should not continue. MLA’s Making between nine and twelve thousand dollars a month for working six months out of the year. However, teachers in classrooms are suffering the unbearable consequence of overcrowding, no resources, not even a teachers lunch room. Some been in the system for almost twenty years under stress and barely making four thousand dollars. Its Highway robbery. Police force and immigration I would say is definitely on welfare. Old muskets for guns which have been there since early 19th century. Equipment ancient. Patched up marine boats and police vehicles. When something happens, it should not have to be left to speculation by the community. The police force teachers and immigration deserve a best budget in order for them to run perfectly instead of having to settle for what is just acceptable.
    No space should be left open for speculation, no stones un turned when incidents like the horrified crash that took place. I am surely not going to defend all police, because some of them do not deserve a salary, but there are hard working officers who deserve the best and is not getting it. If they are wrong well they pay the consequences, but when they are right give them the benefit. This old Barbaric way of citizens behavior needs to discontinue. We are sending our children away to university abroad, for what, just for poppy-show when they still come back with the same ancient medieval thoughts.

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