Driving instructor calls for better behaviour on roads

SpeedCheck-15 Radial sign shows the speed of a passing driver.

If there is one thing that I am most infuriated and powerless over, it would have to be other drivers – other drivers who tailgate, drivers who cut me off, drivers who refuse to let me merge, drivers who are too selfish to use their indicators.

I am sure that you have experienced the maniacs who drive too fast and also those who drive too slowly.

I make a deliberate effort to be as courteous a driver as possible. Need to merge? No problem! Want to pass? Let me move out of your way, I am in no hurry. Have a nice day!

This plan is simple but not always easy, especially with our narrow and twisty roads.

At some time in the past I would have given a wild gesture or even given them a taste of their own medicine. These responses are not only futile but dangerous. Some of these drivers could be drunk or on drugs. Do not expect that the aggressive driver will learn their lesson from you or me. You mean that tailgating is bad? Thank you for pointing this out to me. I will never do it again!

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Maybe the aggressive driver needs to be pulled over so he will be forced to find the help he desperately needs. Maybe the reckless driver will get injured and learn some important lessons while he recovers. Maybe the teenager who is driving and texting needs to have their license revoked before they kill their best friend.

I know for certain that I cannot change other people and how they drive. I can only control my own behaviour and my response to other drivers.

Graham Walker

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