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Police Warn Against Use of Mobile Phones while Driving

So far this year, approximately 225 reports of motor vehicle collisions have been received by the police per month.

Driving instructor calls for better behaviour on roads

If there is one thing that I am most infuriated and powerless over, it would have to be other drivers – other drivers who tailgate, drivers who cut me off, drivers who refuse to let me merge, drivers who are too selfish to use their indicators.

Elderly taxi driver pleads guilty to death by careless driving

Local taxi van driver Roy Clivey Tamasa pleaded guilty in Grand Court Friday to causing death by careless driving in relation to the accident that killed Dr. Vary Anette Jones-Leslie in July of last year.

Wong fined $500 for car crash, fleeing scene

After 15 hearings in a case that spanned nearly five years, senior immigration officer Garfield (Gary) Wong was fined $500 and his driver’s license was suspended for two months on Wednesday for careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

Taxi driver in court on death by careless driving charge

Taxi driver Roy Clivey Tamasa, charged in the death of pedestrian Dr. Vary Anetta Jones-Leslie outside Owen Roberts International Airport in July last year, appeared in Grand Court on Friday.

Grand Court cases adjourned

Evidence and arguments concluded last week in the trial of Odain Lloyd Ebanks, charged with robbery and possession of an unlicensed firearm. Mr. Ebanks had elected to be tried by judge alone and Justice Marlene Carter said she would hand down her verdict on Friday, Oct. 12.

Minister’s careless driving charge dismissed

A charge of careless driving against Finance Minister Roy McTaggart was dismissed in Traffic Court on Thursday after the Crown offered no evidence.

Sentence for driving death reduced on appeal

Anastasia Watson, sentenced in February to 12 months’ imprisonment for causing death by careless driving, was granted a three-month reduction in her sentence in the Court of Appeal on Tuesday.

Immigration officer’s DUI trial resumes

The trial of senior immigration officer Garfield (Gary) Wong resumed on Tuesday, with evidence from the final witness scheduled to be called.

Minister McTaggart’s traffic trial adjourned

The trial of Finance Minister Roy Michael McTaggart on a charge of careless driving did not proceed as scheduled last Thursday. A new trial date of June 14 was set, with a file note that it might not proceed.

Sentence adjourned in driving death

Anastasia Watson appeared in Grand Court on Thursday for sentencing on a charge of causing death by careless driving.

Man sentenced for causing death by careless driving

Anthony Wesley Scott Jr. was sentenced last week after pleading guilty to causing the death of Thomas Rupert Hubbell Jr. by careless driving on June 30, 2016.

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