Assistant teachers work with parents in practicing reading strategies with their children.

On three recent evenings, parents and their Year 2 students at Sir John A. Cumber Primary School worked to improve reading skills using the Partners in Print program.

The comprehensive program is produced by Pacific Learning and geared toward providing parents with strategies to help their children read better. Cayman’s Literacy is for Everyone, known as LIFE, sponsored workshops on three Tuesday evenings in February and March.

Parents learned such things as word-solving strategies, retelling a text, and using the 4P model – “pause, prompt, praise and provide” – when their child becomes stuck on a word.

Annette Vaughan, a teacher at the school, said 37 parents attended the workshops. The program is held once a year.

In an email, Ms. Vaughan said, “The intention is to repeat it every school year and to extend it to the other grade levels over successive years.”

During the workshops, teachers provided information on a specific reading strategy or skill and modeled how to use it. Parents then got the chance to practice the skill with their child as assistant teachers observed, providing prompts, praise and suggestions.

Parents also received a package of handouts detailing the key points from each lesson and tools to help them continue using the strategies at home.

Program sponsor LIFE allowed each child at the workshop to choose a book to take home from a selection the organization had provided. The idea was to encourage the students and their parents to continue practicing the strategies learned during the evening.

Three workshops were held recently at West Bay’s Sir John A. Cumber Primary School to help parents assist their children with reading.

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