Cops on lookout for West Bay man

A man who ran from police officers while concealing a package of cocaine in his pocket is still being sought by the Royal Cayman Islands Police.

Police said the suspect was spotted “acting suspiciously” along Watercourse Road Tuesday morning and became “extremely aggressive” when officers approached him.

According to a police account of the incident: “Officers attempted to subdue [the suspect] and recovered a package of cocaine from his person before he brandished a knife and made aggressive motions towards the officers while threatening them. The man then ran in the direction of Duxies Lane and managed to escape into nearby bushes.”

The man, identified as 64-year-old Dorlin Allen Ebanks of West Bay, also known as Allen Barnett, was not in custody as of press time Thursday.

Mr. Ebanks is wanted on suspicion of escaping custody, drug related offenses and assaulting police.


  1. When you watch American TV the cop always catches the criminal after a long chase.
    In real life they seem to be able to out run the police.
    What can be done to increase our apprehension rate when our police officers are face to face with armed criminals?
    Should all our police be armed?
    With guns? With tasers?

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