Remembrance service for Bo Miller to be held Saturday

Derrington ‘Bo’ Miller

A service of remembrance will be held Saturday to honor the life of Derrington “Bo” Miller, who died earlier this month at the age of 66.

The thanksgiving service takes place from 2 p.m. at the Craddock Ebanks Civic Centre in North Side.

A large turnout is expected. Mr. Miller was a highly regarded public figure who ran for office on four occasions and was instrumental in the campaign for a “one man, one vote” electoral system.

He was also a beloved figure in his home district of North Side, where a public beach was dedicated in his honor just weeks before he died. Opening the beach to the public was a long-time dream for Mr. Miller and his family indicated in a funeral notice Friday that, in lieu of flowers, donations to fund the development of the public amenity will be accepted in his honor.

His children Justin and Kimberley Miller told the Compass that completing the beach, which will eventually include public bathrooms, cabanas, a network of paths and a catboat, would be an appropriate tribute to their father.

“We will strive to bring our dad’s many visions to fruition, but the one that held special significance to him was the creation of a public beach for the North Side community. This encapsulated two of his highest objectives in his lifetime – preserving our land and protecting ownership of Cayman resources so that they may be enjoyed by future generations,” they said.

“The move by government to procure this land, previously owned by his forefathers, to give back to the public was viewed as a personal achievement and meant so much to him to witness before his passing. We are honored to join the North Side District Council in championing this cause and making his dream a reality. For that reason, we are encouraging those looking to send flowers to consider instead donating to the “Bo Miller Beach” via the North Side District Council.”

Debra Broderick, who chairs the North Side District Council, paid tribute to Mr. Miller.

She said, “He always thought of others and how he could make life better for the people. Through his advocacy for the Bo Miller Public Beach in North Side, he has given us the fortitude to go continue what he started to the very end. We will miss you Bo.”

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