Letter: Cleanup effort is wasted without follow-through

Residents of North Sound Estates also chipped in during Earth Day efforts Saturday.

The recent islandwide effort by members of the public, who voluntarily took time out from their personal schedules to pick up thousands of individual pieces of garbage carelessly strewn around by irresponsible fellow island dwellers, is an almost wasted effort.

Several days after the volunteer cleanup, which I personally did with my 5-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter, I noticed that the bags which were placed on the side of the roads, as instructed, remained there – many of which had now been torn open by wild chickens or stray dogs and were back to being strewn all over the road and verge! What is the point of doing the cleanup if the garbage is not collected immediately thereafter?

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My children are asking to do another cleanup this weekend, and again thereafter, but I’m now reluctant when our hours of effort are seemingly wasted. This needs to be a group effort by both the members of the public bagging the garbage to the Department of Environment promptly collecting it, otherwise it completely defeats the object!

Philippa Walsh

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  1. You are all gifts from the gods for your hard work. This cleanup must be an ongoing island project. Who will continue this movement to beautify the island is anyone’s guess. It cannot be once in a while, but a concerted effort to successfully rid this tiny god given stretch of beautiful land, of trash, in conjunction with trash pick up, if they ever do. That’s where the citizens come in. Get a petition going. If the trash companies don’t collect the trash when scheduled, fine them.
    People need to come together to fight those who don’t act in the people’s, or island’s best interest. The beaches belong to the people, and tourists who visit, want to see an island where the inhabitants take pride in their surroundings. Pat yourself on the back for your dedication