Letter: Sunday liquor sales set bad example

I am truly puzzled why there is such desperation to go without liquor for a day. It is pure nonsense that our tourists demand it. No, our liquor merchants demand it.

I have spoken to a number of tourists and when they find they cannot buy liquor on a Sunday, they are disappointed, but the usual response is, “That’s all right. I didn’t come here to find what I left, nor did I come here to find everything as I want it. I came to experience your culture and I respect that.”

Why is it that we feel so compelled to provide, protect and promote a drug that is the most dangerous drug on earth? It causes more social and health problems than all of the other drugs combined and yet we kowtow to those who sell and consume as if it was a dire necessity of life. We even give special privileges to those who buy liquor by allowing it to be brought in duty-free. I go over my allowance and buy some vitamins and I have to pay duty. He goes over his allowance and buys liquor and he gets it in duty-free. This makes me angry. A customs allowance should be a customs allowance. If a person wants to buy liquor, it should fall into whatever allowance he is given, not outside what he is allowed. Why is his liquor more valuable, more precious, more desirable than my vitamins?

Frankly, I am fed up with the type of mentality and leaders that feel we cannot stand our ground on anything and then we wonder why our children and youth are not growing up to be sober, diligent, dependable young people.

They are not stupid; they’re watching us and we should be ashamed of ourselves for setting such a bad example.

Marjorie Ebanks

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