Letter: Grateful for excellent medical care

Please allow me space to express my thanks to Dr. Sidney Ebanks of CTMH Doctors Hospital for a spot-on diagnosis and referral to Dr. Christopher Bromley who advised I needed an emergency surgery. Together with Dr. Zoltan Szucs they performed the surgery that night.

I’m so pleased CTMH was equipped to operate right away. Being offered the option of a private room meant I could get a full night’s rest without any snoring and be on the road to recovery.

All of my doctors had an excellent bedside manner and kept my spirits up which is important when going into surgery and recovering. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Ebanks, Dr. Bromley, Dr. Szucs, the ultrasound team and the nurses at CTMH Doctors Hospital for the care I received.

Above all, thank God everything went well and thanks be to God for my continuing recovery and ultimate healing.

Thanks also to my parents, siblings, and other close family for being there.

Marilyn Whittaker

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