Letter: Work together to keep Cayman clean

Regarding garbage bins: The Environmental Health Department may have in place guidelines, but I have noticed for years that once the garbage has been picked up, the workers just throw the garbage bins wherever. Upon returning home from work, I will then have noticed that the garbage was or was not collected and when collected, the question is where are my garbage bins? These would later be found down the street or in the neighbor’s yard. This is not good. Should we be paying a fee for better treatment?

Regarding garbage pick-up: The garbage is being picked up whenever. Take, for example, the recent islandwide cleanup which was done voluntarily by caring members of our society who took the time out from their personal schedules to engage in the pick-up of tons of garbage. Our children were also involved.

These bags of garbage were placed alongside the road for collection, but still remain there as chickens and other stray animals intervened, hence causing a duplication of garbage. This was a good effort and excellent teamwork in the heat done for he “love of country.”

There must be something in place for betterment. Our country was also known to be one of the cleanest, if not the cleanest in the Caribbean. LET’S KEEP IT THIS WAY.

Jacqueline Thomas

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