Letter: Eager for Cayman Airways’ westward flights

Dear Cayman Airways, we read with great delight your ideas on expanding flight services to the western states of the U.S. and especially to Denver. Being from Boulder, Colorado. We have been traveling to the Cayman Islands since 1968 and built a home here in 1987. As you can see, we have had to make complicated flight plans for many a year, as have many friends and relatives.

Over the ensuing years, friends and Cayman neighbors have related to us their ease of travel from Boston, New York, Chicago, Tampa etc. via Cayman Airways. We would look forward with great delight to travel again on Cayman Airways as we did many years ago after a long flight from Los Angeles to Miami before our retirement to Colorado. We still have our Sir Turtle card!

As you know, Colorado is an extremely active scuba, snorkeling and outdoor active state. We cannot tell you how many visitors we have encountered from Colorado, but it is too numerous to count.

Just last week, a family rented a home near ours and they were from Grand Junction Colorado, in the western part of our state. It was their first trip here and they cannot wait to return

Denver is also a quick and large hub for airline passengers from all the western and midwestern states (a fact we are sure you are already aware). We hope your considerations are quickly confirmed as we look forward to booking our two to three flights next year on Cayman Airways from Denver. Thank you for listening!

Betty and Arthur Annecharico

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