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Bird strike delays Cayman Airways Brac flight

A departing Cayman Airways flight from Cayman Brac hit a slight snag Sunday evening after a bird struck its windshield immediately upon take-off from the Charles Kirkconnell International Airport, the national flag carrier reported. 

Cayman Finance CEO to step down at year end

Jude Scott will step down from his position as chief executive officer of Cayman Finance at the end of this year.
All passenger flights in and out of Cayman will be suspended for 3 weeks.

Miami-bound CAL flight returns due to passenger medical emergency

The captain of a Cayman Airways flight bound for Miami turned the aircraft around and returned to Owen Roberts International Airport shortly after taking off Wednesday morning when a passenger on board had a medical emergency, the airline reported.

Cayman Airways seeks permission for repatriation flight to Havana

Cayman Airways is planning a repatriation flight from Grand Cayman to Havana, Cuba. 

Cayman Airways to receive additional $7 million

Cayman Airways will receive another $7 million in government funding to cover its expenditures until the end of 2021.

Cayman Airways adds 2 new Miami flights in June

Cayman Airways has added two extra flights between Grand Cayman and Miami this month, due to increased demand.

Cayman Airways adding more Miami and Kingston flights

Cayman Airways has announced it is increasing the frequency of its Miami and Kingston flights, as it confirmed its travel schedule for July.

Cayman Airways captains pilot retirement flight together

Tributes paid to Cayman Airways pilots Captain Kris Bergstrom and Captain Leroy McLaughlin as they mark their final flight.

Cayman Airways’ 3rd Boeing 737-8 plane touches down

Cayman Airways' new B737-8 has arrived. The national flag carrier latest addition landed Sunday evening.
All passenger flights in and out of Cayman will be suspended for 3 weeks.

No change to Cayman Airways May flight schedule

Cayman Airways has released its repatriation flight schedule for May, which includes two flights a weeks to and from Miami, one flight every Friday to and from Kingston and two flights a month to and from La Ceiba.
All passenger flights in and out of Cayman will be suspended for 3 weeks.

Cayman Airways staff in quarantine after safety protocol breach

Cayman Airways flight attendants have been placed into quarantine and are under investigation following an inflight safety protocol breach.

Negative COVID-19 tests now mandatory before arrival in Jamaica

The Jamaican government has issued new travel requirements, which make it mandatory for all people aged 12 and older to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test at least 72 hours before their flight.

Premier: CAL crews ‘not required to quarantine’

Cayman Airways international flight  crews are not required to quarantine upon return, Premier Alden McLaughlin has confirmed.

Cayman Airways’ MAX 8s cleared to fly

Cayman Airways has been given the green light to return its MAX 8 planes to the skies.

Barbados charter spreads yuletide cheer

Being home for the holidays is a feeling like no other, one that Paul Puckerin and 49 other passengers on board a special Cayman Airways charter to Barbados will know this Christmas.
All passenger flights in and out of Cayman will be suspended for 3 weeks.

Cayman Airways schedules 2 Cuba repatriation flights

Cayman Airways has scheduled two repatriation flights to Havana, Cuba, in the coming weeks, the airline announced Wednesday.

Max 8 planes return to the skies

Commercial flights using Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft resumed last week, nearly two years after the global grounding of the planes following two deadly crashes which killed 346 people.

Cayman Airways charging too much

I wish to protest the exorbitant fares currently being charged by our national airline. Cayman Airways’ website on Monday, 23 Nov., shows a return...

CAL in holding pattern as MAX 8s cleared to fly

Cayman Airways’ 737 MAX 8 aircraft are unlikely to take to the skies anytime soon, even though the US Federal Aviation Administration this week cleared the Boeing 737-8s and 737-9s to return to commercial service, pending design changes.

FAA clears Boeing 737 MAX to fly once design changes completed

The US Federal Aviation Authority has cleared the Boeing 737 Max to return to commercial service, pending design changes, ending a 20-month grounding of the plane.
All passenger flights in and out of Cayman will be suspended for 3 weeks.

Cayman Airways confirms three months of repatriation flights

Cayman Airways on Thursday released its schedule of repatriation flights to and from the US, Jamaica and Honduras for November, December and January.

Max-8 pilot training report open for public consultation

A draft pilot training report has been released by the Federal Aviation Administration for public consultation.
All passenger flights in and out of Cayman will be suspended for 3 weeks.

Cayman Airways flight schedule affected by storm

Cayman Airways has adjusted its flight schedule due to Tropical Storm Delta, projected to bring tropical storm conditions to the Cayman Islands later today.

Cayman Airways adds more flights to Miami, Kingston

Cayman Airways announced on Tuesday that it would be adding an extra flight to Kingston, Jamaica, this month, and three new flights to Miami, Florida, in October.
All passenger flights in and out of Cayman will be suspended for 3 weeks.

Cayman Airways announces new repatriation flight schedule

Cayman Airways today announced confirmation of its updated repatriation flight schedule for travel in September and October from Grand Cayman.

FAA outlines proposed changes for Boeing MAX planes

The US Federal Aviation Administration is proposing key changes to all Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 planes before they will be allowed to fly again.

Nicaraguan repatriation flight planned for Friday

More than 100 Nicaraguan nationals who have been stranded in Cayman for more than three months are one step closer to returning home.
All passenger flights in and out of Cayman will be suspended for 3 weeks.

Cayman Airways adds Kingston, Miami flights

Cayman Airways announced five additional repatriation flights for the month of August. Two flights will depart from Grand Cayman to Miami and three will depart from Grand Cayman to Kingston, Jamaica.

Government eases outbound travel restrictions

Residents and visitors who want to leave the Cayman Islands on Cayman Airways or charter flights can now make their travel arrangements directly with the carrier and no longer through Travel Time.

COVID testing, travel arrangements to Sister Islands outlined

The Health Services Authority has outlined how people who wish to visit Cayman Brac or Little Cayman can arrange COVID-19 tests before travelling.

FAA lays out action plan to unground Max 8 planes

Cayman Airways has three Max 8 planes and a fourth one on order.

The final flight of late Capt. Robert Hamaty

Scores of well-wishers, family and friends gathered for the final flight of the late Captain Robert Hamaty Friday at Owen Roberts International Airport.
All passenger flights in and out of Cayman will be suspended for 3 weeks.

Jamaica evacuation flight scheduled

Cayman’s first evacuation flight to Jamaica since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis will depart Thursday, 4 June. The announcement Monday came shortly after Jamaica...

Analysts: Major turbulence in store for aviation industry

The coronavirus crisis is likely to have lasting implications for the aviation industry, including Cayman’s national airline, according to two industry experts.

Evacuation flights to Nicaragua cancelled

Two evacuation flights scheduled to leave Cayman for Managua, Nicaragua, on Saturday have been cancelled, Cayman Airways announced Friday, attributing the changes to the sudden closure of Nicaragua’s borders.

Cayman Airways reduces Sister Islands flights

Cayman Airways will only be flying once per week to Sister Islands from April 6-18.

Airlines waive change fees amid coronavirus outbreak

Several airlines have announced this week that they are waiving flight-change fees due to coronavirus concerns.

Cayman Airways waives change fees amid virus outbreak

Cayman Airways is waiving fees this month for customers who change their travel plans amid concerns about flying internationally during the coronavirus outbreak.

Max 8 plane to fly to Boeing maintenance facility in US

One of Cayman Airway’s two 737 Max 8 aircraft will depart Owen Roberts International Airport Monday for a Boeing maintenance facility in the US. The journey comes two days after the Max 8, VP-CIW, aircraft successfully conducted an hour-long maintenance flight test on Saturday evening.

Max 8 to make first flight in nearly a year

After sitting inactive in a Cayman Airways hanger for nearly a year, one of the airline’s Boeing 737-Max 8 aircraft will take to the skies this weekend. A statement issued on behalf of Cayman Airways said the trip is a necessary maintenance flight for the plane, which was delivered to the airline 30 Nov. 2018. “For almost a year, the grounded Max aircraft have been maintained under an active storage maintenance program as specified by the manufacturer,” the airline’s president and CEO, Fabian Whorms, said in a statement. “Routine maintenance flights become necessary over time as part of this maintenance program and are being conducted in coordination with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands and Boeing.”

Visitor grateful for help at airport

Visiting Cayman for my granddaughter’s birthday, I arrived in George Town on Cayman Airways Friday night, 7 Feb. It’s very important for me to...

Max-8 planes to remain grounded for foreseeable future

Cayman Airways Limited has no immediate plans for its Boeing 737 Max-8 aircrafts, which have remained out of service at a hanger in the Owen Roberts International Airport for more than 10 months.

Passengers stranded nearly 12 hours as CAL flight delayed in Kingston

Cayman Airways flight KX621 was grounded in Kingston, Jamaica for about 12 hours Friday, according to a passenger on the ground and departure information...

Faulty smoke detector blamed for September emergency landing

Cayman Airways confirmed Friday that an emergency diversion of New York flight KX792 to Orlando International Airport in early September was prompted by a fault in the cargo compartment’s smoke detection system, which activated a fire warning system on the flight deck.

Holiday travellers urged to check in on time

Cayman Airways is reminding the public that check-in times for flights on its planes, domestic and international, close one hour before scheduled departure times.

Year in Review: Safety concerns over new jets blighted Cayman Airways

A look back at the impact of the grounding of the Boeing MAX 8 aircraft.

Cayman Airways believes grounded planes now safe

Capt. Dave Scott, vice president of flight operations for Cayman Airways, said he believes its 737 Max 8 planes, that have been grounded since March, will be ready to fly soon.

Budget breakdown: $20M prison upgrade among key spending plans

Government has announced plans to spend nearly $1.5 billion dollars over the next two years to support its plans and programmes. In a special feature, we analyse where that money comes from and where it goes.

Stranded airline passengers take to the sea

Mechanical problems caused the pilot of a Cayman Airways Twin Otter aircraft to abort the flight from Cayman Brac to Little Cayman on Sunday morning, temporarily stranding travellers from the Sister Islands.

Cayman Airways shifts flights after emergency landing

Cayman Airways was forced to juggle its flight schedule Monday following a Sunday flight that was diverted to Orlando for an emergency landing after smoke was detected in the cargo hold.

UPDATE: Grounded jet changes Cayman Airways schedule

The captain of a Cayman Airways flight bound for New York City was forced to make an emergency landing in Orlando on Sunday afternoon after smoke was detected in one of the jet's cargo holds.

Cayman Airways restores some Tuesday flights

Cayman Airways is making Tuesday flights available again, the airline announced Friday.

Cayman Airways waives change fees as Dorian bears down on Florida

Due to the projected path of Hurricane Dorian, Cayman Airways will be waiving change fees and fare differences for passengers who cancel or postpone their flight reservations for travel between the Cayman Islands and Miami and Tampa, the airline announced Wednesday.

Reduced fleet leads to Cayman Airways delays

Grounding of Boeing’s 737 Max 8 jets, following fatal crashes of the model in Ethiopia and Indonesia, continues to disrupt the Cayman Airways’ flight schedule.

Grounded Max 8 jets hit Cayman Airways in the pocket

Cayman Airways is feeling the financial impact of grounding its Boeing 737 Max 8 jets amid growing uncertainty over if and when the planes will be back in service.

New ‘gateways’ drive tourism growth

When Southwest launched its inaugural flight from Baltimore last month, it also opened the 25th gateway airport for the Cayman Islands.

Cayman Airways goes cashless in US

Cayman Airways will not accept any cash transactions at any of its cargo and airport locations in the United State from 15 July.

Ships head to Cayman amid Cuba cruise ban

Cuba’s loss could be Cayman’s gain, following US President Donald Trump’s decision to ban cruise ships from travelling to the communist island.

Sports tourism helps boost numbers

The CARIFTA track and field event has been credited with boosting tourism arrivals in April as the Cayman Islands notched up another record month.

Tourism sector continues to smash records

Cayman saw 145,804 stayover visitors arrive during the first three months of 2019, an 8.67% increase over the first quarter of 2018, and the most stayovers recorded in the first quarter of any year in the territory’s history.

TripAdvisor names Cayman Airways best Caribbean airline

Travel website TripAdvisor named Cayman Airways the best Caribbean airline in its 2019 Travellers’ Choice Awards. The national carrier was also awarded the title of top Speciality and Leisure Airline within North America.

Cayman Airways mulls options to address grounded 737 Max 8s

With there being no timeline for its grounded Boeing 737 Max 8 jets to return to the sky, Cayman Airways is looking at “all options” to make sure airlift here remains uninterrupted, according to Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell.

Cayman Airways veterans share company history

Norman Bodden remembers the days when the runway at Owen Roberts International Airport was lit with kerosene lamps for night landings.

Cayman Airways adjusting to grounded planes

Cayman Airways officials say the grounding of the company’s two Boeing 737 Max 8s has so far caused mostly minor delays in its service, although one regular weekly flight has been cancelled.

Cayman Airways goes to plan B to cover Denver route

Cayman Airways will continue to operate its new Denver route despite taking the decision to ground its long-range Boeing 737 Max 8 jets in the aftermath of the crash that killed 157 people in Ethiopia on Sunday.

EDITORIAL – Grounding Max 8 jets was the right call

There is no cause to panic. Nor is there any lasting harm in grounding the planes until more is known.

Cayman Airways grounds its 2 new jets

Cayman Airways has canceled a planned “christening” event to celebrate the arrival of its second Boeing 737 Max 8 jet and temporarily grounded the aircraft amid safety fears following the second fatal crash of the model in less than six months.

Second Cayman Airways 737 Max 8 plane arrives

Cayman Airways’ second Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft, VP-CIX, took off for Grand Cayman from the Boeing Field in Seattle Thursday.

Cayman Airways makes first flight to Denver

Cayman Airways made its inaugural direct flight to Denver on Saturday, launching a service that will continue through mid-August.

Auditor finds vast differences in pay to board members

From the port boss who receives just $150 per meeting to the utilities director who is paid more than $50,000-a-year, an auditor general’s investigation found vast disparity in the pay handed out to the men and women appointed to the boards of some of the Cayman Islands’ most important institutions.

A look back at the year that was

The year 2018 was an eventful one for the Cayman Islands.

Christmas boost for thousands of government workers

Thousands of workers are effectively getting a Christmas bonus with the news that government has sanctioned cost of living salary adjustments for the majority of statutory authorities and government companies.

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