Letter: Welcome to Cayman’s new governor

Firstly let me welcome our new governor – His Excellency Mr. Anwar Choudhury. Already, his demeanor reminds me of the best governor this island has ever had, the late Mr. Thomas Russell. Keep up the good work, sir.

Secondly, I speak about the overcrowded prison at Northward. My opinion is that when non-violent persons are charged with possession of ganja, instead of putting them at Northward Prison, the courts should give them house arrest with a curfew of 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and have them wear a tracking device. A police officer should make random checks at their house to see if they are complying with court orders. Being free during the day will allow the person to earn a living, and alleviate the crowding at Northward Prison.

Thirdly, my opinion regarding why there are so many traffic offenses is because there are too many cars on this little 2×4 island. Work permit holders, who we may need, should not be allowed to import vehicles. What many of them do is to import cars from Japan to sell, and send the proceeds back to their country of origin. I see it happening. I am sure that hundreds of work permit holders did not have a vehicle back home.

There is one more thing that I would like the governor to look into (sad to say, it is a waste of time to give our MLAs any suggestions). Our unemployment for Caymanians is terrible, all one can hear is, “Caymanians are too lazy.” Just look at the hundreds of Caymanians who were at the Lions Centre in December, trying to register for a two-week job to clean up the island for Christmas. That is proof that all Caymanians want is a job, as long as it is an honest job.

It is too easy to get a work permit. Some nationalities can manage while making under $10 per hour because they share living quarters and cook together, whereas Caymanians cannot survive on less than $10 per hour. Many of them have a family to support, pay a big monthly mortgage, and every week prices are increasing at the supermarkets – no price control. Something has to be done for Caymanians. Place a moratorium on the grant or renewal of work permits until every Caymanian that is able to work is employed.

Also, the Needs Assessment Unit needs to stop paying rent and giving food vouchers for able-bodied Caymanians. Also, persons married to Caymanians should be exempt from work permits.

Edward C. Ebanks

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