Delays are continuing in the creation of a digitized court records system that is accessible to the public, with no launch date for the service in sight.

Court administrator Suzanne Bothwell told the Cayman Compass in late February that web designers were in the final stages of uploading all public court registers to an online format, but Shiona Allenger, Cayman’s clerk of courts, said Monday that she cannot affix a time line to the process.

“The site is under construction,” said Ms. Allenger in an email response to a request for comment.

The online system was slated for launch in either December or January. The court began uploading registers onto its platform in January, but the site has still not reached completion, four months later.

The court administrator told the Compass in February that all public documents going back five years will be freely available as part of the online register. The court also hopes to install a kiosk for viewing documents expressly for people who do not have access to computers at home.

Ms. Bothwell told the Compass last year that the only fees associated with the online register will be for people who are interested in purchasing court documents.

Recently, a Cayman Compass reporter was told that Judicial Administration will no longer provide free autopsy reports. Autopsy reports will cost $20 plus $0.50 per page. Ms. Allenger said that does not represent a change in policy as much as it is adherence to existing court rules.

“The fees charged are governed by the Court Fee Rules 2009,” said Ms. Allenger.

“Autopsy reports are provided to the parties to the matter as a courtesy copy in the first instance and should further copies be required, then they are governed by the Court Fee Rules.”

Part C of the Court Fee Rules 2009, section 2, states that supplying photocopies and certified copies will cost $20 per document and $0.50 per page.

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