Second customs officer arrested in drug probe

A second Cayman Islands Customs officer has been arrested in connection with what authorities describe as a drug importation conspiracy, the department announced Friday.

The unidentified male officer was arrested Thursday in connection with an ongoing probe in Cayman that had already netted another customs officer and a Cayman Airways employee. The first customs officer arrested, a female, and the CAL worker were taken into custody Monday on Grand Cayman.

In addition to the three arrests this week, another CAL employee was arrested in Miami on April 29 on drug importation conspiracy charges, but local investigators have not said whether that arrest is related to the same probe.

Deputy Customs Collector Jeff Jackson said officers will continue their probe into allegations of criminal and administrative misconduct.

“As stated so often before, the overwhelming majority of our staff work hard and make sacrifices every day to keep our country safe from threats to our national security, and this latest arrest of another customs officer should not in any way negatively reflect on the integrity, commitment and dedication of those hardworking staff,” Mr. Jackson said.


  1. Keep up the good work Mr Jackson , cause I am seeing all the good honest hard work your Mom and Dad put into you , and wish we had many more like you , you’re a shining example .

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