ESO conducts field work to update household register

Staff from the Economics and Statistics Office will be in various communities across all districts this week collecting basic housing information to update the ESO’s household register.

The household register is a list of all household addresses in the Cayman Islands. It is used as the sampling frame from which samples are selected for labor force surveys.

The register is usually updated before the start of the labor force survey and a population and housing census. A full household register update will be conducted in all five districts of Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands.

A full update requires trained enumerators to visit every building in each enumeration area, as well as proposed or newly constructed dwellings based on building permits information from the Planning Department.

ESO staff members can be identified by their ESO identification cards. The statistics office advises that people should always ask the field workers to present their ID before providing any information.

They may also call the hotline at 516-3329 for verification of enumerators or to express any concerns they may have.

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