Megan Duval and Bellagio win their class.

Cayman Riding School has maintained its position at the top of the leaderboard for the third consecutive month in an international online dressage competition hosted by Dressage Anywhere in the U.K.

The school is leading the Team Challenge with 33 points, which is the maximum score that can be gained in the competition.

Assistant riding instructor at Cayman Riding School Tizzie Jarvis leads the rider league with 71 points, while owner and riding instructor at the riding school Tracey Surrey is currently in fourth place riding the more advanced tests on her horse Dusty.

Jardae Barnes, the youngest member of the team, is currently in 11th place.

Online competitions enable riders to compete on an international scale at a fraction of the cost and without either horse or rider having to leave home – making international competition accessible to a greater number of riders.

During the dressage competition, riders perform from memory a series of predetermined movements. Each movement is given a score and the horse and rider with the highest score is deemed the winner of each class.

Points are awarded for the first 10 places in each class, and these points are accumulated to decide the top rider and top riding establishment at the end of the season.

Notable results from May’s competition are as follows:

Jardae Barnes riding Austin placed first and fourth in her classes, scoring 74.13 and 65.34.

Megan Duval riding Bellagio placed first and fifth in her classes, scoring 67.93 and 68.48.

Tracey Surrey competes in the advanced classes on her horse Dusty.

Tizzie Jarvis riding Princess placed second and fourth in her classes, scoring 71.96 and 69.31.

Eva Muspratt riding Star placed sixth, scoring 68.04.

Tracey Surrey riding Dusty placed first and third in both her classes, riding the more advanced tests, to score 67.50 and 66.77

Jardae Barnes wins her class on Austin.

The above scores qualify Jarvis, Barnes and Surrey for the International Online Championship to be held later this year.

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