Cayman riders qualify for International Dressage Championship

Two riders from Cayman Riding School have secured a place in the British Dressage Online Championship set in October.

Tracey Surrey, owner and instructor at Cayman Riding School, and Tizzie Jarvis, the school’s assistant instructor, have achieved qualifying scores.

“With the number of riders competing each month, we have several other riders who are also likely to qualify for the Championship,” said Surrey. “It is very encouraging to see so many of our younger riders wanting to participate.”

All other CRS riders have scored over 60 percent from previous shows and have one final score to obtain before they qualify.

The school started competing in the online competition in January this year.

Results from April’s competition also mean Cayman Riding School is currently leading the 2018 Team Challenge, “with riders competing from over 70 different countries – the standard of competition is extremely high so our current position will be difficult to maintain – but we shall continue to have fun and train hard,” said Jarvis.

Both Jarvis and Surrey hold top positions in the 2018 Rider League.

Tizzie Jarvis is the leading rider competing on Princess, owned by Suvi and Bella Hayden, and is also in second place riding Lilly, owned by Kirk and Megan Duval.

Surrey is in 5th place riding the more advanced tests on her own horse, Dusty.

Jardae Barnes, one of the youngest riders representing Cayman Riding School, achieved exceptionally high scores in April’s competition to move her into 15th place in the Rider League.

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