A number of riders received awards at the Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation’s annual banquet on June 24.

During the horse show season in the Cayman Islands, which runs from September to June, the CIEF holds four National Dressage Shows and four National Jumping Shows that lead up to the annual awards dinner, organizers said in a press release.
Using the top three results that riders achieve in these shows in their respective categories, a Champion and a Reserve Champion are named.

This year’s dressage winners include returning champions Jessica McTaggart-Giuzio and Tracey Surrey, and newcomers to the podium, Jardae Barnes, Amber McMillan, Lara Humphries, Stephanie Lloyd, Abbey Swartz and Jodie McTaggart.

In the jumping series, Kayla Godwin returns to the champions ring, with Leah Alberga, Olivia Kluyver and Abbey Swartz also collecting championship rosettes.
CIEF President Eve van den Bol congratulated all riders and thanked the families, friends and members who donate their time and assistance to the CIEF.

In addition to hosting competitions throughout the year, the volunteer organization arranges for an equine veterinarian to visit the island regularly, organizes visiting clinicians and show judges, supports riders who are representing the Cayman Islands overseas, and works to improve the welfare of horses on the island. The awards event also included a raffle and tombola game to raise money for the upcoming year.

Jessica McTaggart-Giuzio, riding Loris 7, was named Champion at Medium Level.

Board of directors

The CIEF Board of Directors includes Eve van den Bol (president), Tanya Neville-Dickson (vice president), Sharon Hinds (secretary general), Wendy Mannisto (treasurer) and Caroline Key (director).

Sharon Hinds stepped down from the role of president earlier this year, after serving in that capacity for three years, the maximum time allowed under the bylaws, the press release states. She has been a board member since 2002.

“Under Sharon’s leadership, the CIEF has had many accomplishments, including working with the Veterinary Board to secure quality equine vet care on island, and solidifying both our National Jumping and Dressage Series. Her service to equestrian sport on the island has been both commendable and invaluable,” said Ms. van den Bol.

For more information, visit www.ciefcay.com.

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