9 guns turned over to RCIPS in 2 weeks

The first two weeks of the police Firearms Amnesty program resulted in two handguns, seven rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition being turned over to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, RCIPS indicated Friday.

“Although the amnesty remains in effect for the next two weeks, our proactive efforts to locate and recover illegal firearms are ongoing,” said Deputy Commissioner Kurt Walton.

“It is better to take advantage of this amnesty as soon as possible, than to have the police show up at your door to conduct a search.”

During the amnesty period, police can still arrest individuals for carrying unlicensed firearms that are recovered during regular operations. Two people were arrested Thursday when police recovered an unlicensed firearm and ammunition. Both remain in custody.

The amnesty period, which started June 1, lasts until the end of the month.

Weapons, legal or illegal, can be turned in to a local police station or at a number of participating churches, where pastors have volunteered to collect the firearms.

Any weapon or ammunition that is turned in must be unloaded and wrapped in a plastic bag with duct tape around it.

For more information about the amnesty program, visit  http://www.rcips.ky/partnership/firearms-amnesty/.


  1. Strange that RCIPS aren’t releasing any details or photos of the ‘weapons’ surrendered. I’ve lived in other places that had gun amnesties and the police were always happy to show off what they’d had bought in. This suggests to me that these are probably just toys and BB guns rather than real firearms.

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