Justin Gregory, 24, had bail withheld on Monday after he appeared in Summary Court for possession of unlicensed firearms.

Crown counsel Darlene Oko said police attended Mr. Gregory’s home in Bodden Town around 6:15 a.m. on Thursday, June 14. They were conducting a search based on information they had received.

They searched Mr. Gregory’s bedroom, bathroom and closet. In the closet they saw the brown handle of a handgun and other officers were called to the scene. They retrieved a .38-caliber revolver. It had four rounds of ammunition in it.

The firearm was later test fired and shown to be in working order.

Defense attorney Jonathon Hughes advised the court that there were six people in the house, and anything Mr. Gregory said to police was to protect his family and girlfriend.

Ms. Oko said the Crown was electing to have the matter tried in Grand Court.

Magistrate Valdis Foldats said he was withholding bail, but Mr. Gregory could apply to the Grand Court. He set the preliminary inquiry for June 26. The inquiry is to determine if there is sufficient evidence to send the matter to the higher court.

A press release from police indicated that Mr. Gregory’s girlfriend, 22, had also been arrested but was on police bail. She did not appear in court.

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