A man accused of “popping a wheelie” while riding a dirt bike has been charged with committing a reckless and negligent act.

Courtney Lambardo Wisdom Jr., appeared in Summary Court on Monday, when he also faced six traffic charges in connection with the same incident. That incident occurred on Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017, when police set up a roadblock on Bodden Town Road in the area of Breakers.

Mr. Wisdom, 26, is charged with riding a dirt bike on Bodden Town Road, in a public place, in a manner so rash as to endanger the life of police officers.

Crown counsel Darlene Oko said the allegation was that Mr. Wisdom had put a police officer at risk by driving through the roadblock, popping a wheelie, driving away and coming back. She said his behavior was threatening to the officer.

Ms. Oko pointed out that driving is a privilege not a right, and a driver has that privilege when he conducts himself properly. In this case, the public interest outweighed Mr. Wisdom’s driving privileges, she submitted.

Magistrate Valdis Foldats said popping wheelies with people around put others at risk. The behavior alleged showed complete and utter disdain for the norms of society, he commented.

He cited a section of the Traffic Law that allows the court to impose a temporary disqualification even before a verdict has been returned or a plea entered. He had reviewed the matter and determined that this was a clear case for invoking that power.

He ordered the defendant to turn in his driver’s license within 24 hours. If Mr. Wisdom drives during this temporary disqualification, he will be looking at custody, the magistrate warned.

The traffic charges include driving without insurance, using a vehicle without a certificate of roadworthiness, using a vehicle with no registration, dangerous driving, failing to comply with an order by a police office to stop, and riding a motorcycle without a crash helmet.

Defense attorney Jonathon Hughes agreed to have the matter mentioned again on Tuesday, June 26.

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