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Police: Man who claimed to be ‘infected’ spat in officer’s face

A 21-year-old man who allegedly spat in the face of a Royal Cayman Islands Police Service officer and claimed to be "infected" appeared in court Monday and was remanded in custody.

Wisdom sentenced and fined for 2017 dirt bike incident

A Summary Court magistrate sentenced Courtney Wisdom Jr., 27, to one month in prison, suspended for two years, and fined $1,150 Thursday for riding a dirt bike recklessly and negligently.

Man sentenced to additional bike theft

Alvin Shaquille Ebanks, who was sentenced in December for a motorbike chase in which he led police on a 30-minute pursuit around West Bay, was sentenced for an unrelated case on Tuesday.

EDITORIAL – Magistrate hits the mark on seriousness of illegal motorbiking

This particularly egregious case is a microcosm of the island’s serious issue of reckless motorbiking – behavior which is obnoxious, dangerous, illegal and, at its worst, a blatant display of disdain for police and disregard for the concepts of public safety and law and order.

Motorbike rider pleads guilty to 8 offenses

A motorcycle rider pleaded guilty in Summary Court Wednesday to eight offenses after being arrested over the weekend. The rider had been intercepted by police after being followed by the police helicopter.

Dirt bike rider charged with reckless act

A man accused of “popping a wheelie” while riding a dirt bike has been charged with committing a reckless and negligent act.

$10,000 license tag fine proposed

Proposed changes to Cayman’s Traffic Law would clear the way for things like speed cameras, facilitate police seizures of illegally operated motorbikes and seek to fine drivers up to $10,000 for not using electronic license plates.

Two more arrested with unregistered bikes

The Royal Cayman Islands Police made two more arrests and seized two more non-street legal motorbikes as part of ongoing operations since last summer that target the illegally operated vehicles.

Rider injured in motorcycle crash

A motorbike rider was injured Friday in an accident on Shedden Road involving his bike and two trucks.

Orange-masked dirt bike rider arrested

Six months after Grand Cayman’s “Ride of the Century” that saw dozens of motorbikers storm a police roadblock and exhibit a general disregard for road rules, the man depicted in a photograph that became symbolic of the event has been arrested.

Police: Toughen traffic laws

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is backing changes to local traffic laws that would make it easier to seize and destroy motorbikes that are not street legal, Police Commissioner Derek Byrne said Friday.

Suspect ID main difficulty in motorbike cases

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service investigated at least eight cases between December 2016 and April 2017 where no charges subsequently were brought against a motorbike operator following a driver arrest and/or the seizure of a vehicle.

Motorbikers hold smaller ‘supervised’ ride on Sunday

There was another motorbike ride in Cayman last Sunday, but this one involved a small number of riders in a supervised area with police oversight.

Byrne: We cannot ‘alienate’ young motorbikers

A group of local motorbike enthusiasts and opposition MLAs were surprised to hear what Royal Cayman Islands Police Commissioner Derek Byrne told them during a private meeting Thursday night.

Police chief condemns rogue bikers

Police Commissioner Derek Byrne has denounced last Sunday’s disruptive motorbike ride around Grand Cayman, which he said demonstrated that the rogue bikers involved “have no regard for their safety or for the safety of anyone else.”

Mob of bikers storm police roadblock

A pack of motorcycle riders took over the streets of Grand Cayman Sunday, terrifying motorists and taunting police as they rallied at high speed around the island.

NEW: East End road reopened following fatal crash

A motorcycle rider died Sunday morning after his vehicle and a truck collided in East End.

Suspects tasered after motorbike trace

Police arrested two men who “violently resisted” the execution of a search warrant at an East End home Monday, according to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Police: 16-year-old arrested on stolen bike

A teenager arrested riding an unregistered motorbike Sunday afternoon was arrested on suspicion of stealing the vehicle, the Royal Cayman Islands Police said. The 16-year-old motorbike rider was spotted by the RCIPS helicopter crew riding the vehicle in the vicinity of Harbour House Marina.

Teens arrested in motorbike theft at Kimpton

Police arrested two teenagers Monday in connection with the theft of a motorbike from the Kimpton Seafire resort parking lot.

Police: Bus driver may have witnessed fatal motorbike smash

Police are appealing for the driver of a white bus that was traveling along South Sound Road Monday at the time of a fatal collision between a motorbike and an SUV to come forward.

EDITORIAL – Stopping rogue motorbikers in the name of the law

When the police tell you to stop, you stop. Period. It’s not a request. It’s an order.

Inquest finds motorcyclist died by ‘misadventure’

A coroner’s jury returned a verdict of misadventure Tuesday after hearing evidence this week about a collision on West Bay Road that resulted in the death of Daniel Mitchell Grant, 21, in 2014.

Injured biker eliminated from robbery inquiry

A 20-year-old motorcycle rider, seriously injured in a collision with a police car, is no longer a suspect in the robbery that led to the high-speed chase, according to police.

Biker seriously injured in police chase

The family of a 20-year-old man seriously injured after being thrown from his bike in a collision during a police chase say they want to see a thorough, independent investigation into the incident.

Prospect Road reopened after police-involved car accident

Police Friday morning closed Prospect Road to investigate an accident the night before that involved a police car and a motorbike.

Crazy bikers

Police motorbike

EDITORIAL – Rogue bikers driving the country crazy

Long before you see them, you hear them: Engines gunning, tires squealing, the racket reverberating up and down our streets — the menacing motorbikers of Grand Cayman, personifications of road death and lawlessness.

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