Alvin Shaquille Ebanks, who was sentenced in December for a motorbike chase in which he led police on a 30-minute pursuit around West Bay, was sentenced for an unrelated case on Tuesday.

Mr. Ebanks was told at his December sentencing hearing that reckless bikers are a “menace to the public,” and he was cited for taking selfies of himself as he led the police on the chase. Magistrate Valdis Foldats said “the brazenness of recording the chase” was an aggravating factor on that occasion.

On Tuesday, Mr. Ebanks was cited for handling stolen goods. The case, which dated back to 2017, involved a black Suzuki motorbike valued at $2,300. Mr. Ebanks, who is currently serving time at Northward, was arraigned on the charge of handling stolen goods and pleaded guilty.

Defense counsel John Furniss said that the charge predates the ones for which Mr. Ebanks had been sentenced in December, and he hoped that the magistrate would keep totality in mind.

Magistrate Foldats ordered that Mr. Ebanks would be sentenced to three months’ imprisonment running concurrent to his current sentence. The magistrate also ordered that Mr. Ebanks pay a compensation order of $300 to the bike owner, but he gave him until 2020 to comply.

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