Police arrested two men who “violently resisted” the execution of a search warrant at an East End home Monday, according to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Police said a warrant was served at a home on John McLean Drive, after a motorbike that was seen driving “in a reckless manner” on Sunday was taken to that address. The vehicle was traced by the RCIPS helicopter.

A police statement on the Monday arrests indicated: “Two men who were in the residence violently resisted the execution of the warrant, with one of them attempting to ride the motorbike in question out the back door of the residence. He was stopped by two officers, both of whom he punched and threatened to kill.

“Both men threw bricks and stones at the officers, and Tasers were deployed on both of them. Both men, ages 28 and 31, were arrested for resisting arrest, assaulting police, threats to kill and assault causing actual bodily harm.”

During transport to the Fairbanks jail Monday, one of the suspects allegedly spat at police and kicked out one of the rear windows of the police car. Both men remained in police custody Tuesday.

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