Trial delayed in ganja case

Magistrate expresses dissatisfaction with Crown

The trial of three Jamaican men who have already pleaded guilty to smuggling ganja into the Cayman Islands with intent to supply, was delayed on Tuesday.

The men have pleaded not guilty to charges of possession of a firearm and intent to sell MDMA, the drug known as ecstasy.

Crown attorney Garcia Kelly said he did not have the necessary paperwork to proceed on the drug charge.

Attorney Prathna Bodden, representing one of the defendants, complained it was not fair to her client to keep dragging the case out. The three men were arrested March 2 after the Joint Marine Unit said it observed the men in a boat, throwing packages overboard. The packages were found to contain a large quantity of ganja. When the men were arrested, police reported recovering a .38-caliber handgun, 49 rounds of ammunition and 49.3 grams of ecstasy.

Magistrate Valdis Foldats said he was not happy the Crown was not prepared.

“Gentleman, this is not your fault,” Mr. Foldats said of the delay. “I can’t say anything other than I’m disappointed with the Crown.”

Mr. Foldats set a preliminary inquiry date of July 24.


  1. It is amazing that the GoC is still spending so much money prosecuting insignificant misdemeanours like ganja possession when an entire country like Canada has just made the use, sale and growth of Cannabis legal for 38 million citizens.
    Prosecute for guns but get on with the legalization and make money at it.

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