The layout of Smith Cove may soon be getting a face-lift.

Barbara Conolly, the elected representative for George Town South, is holding a community meeting on Tuesday evening, July 10, to discuss the enhanced development of the beach at Smith Cove.

The meeting will be held at the South Sound Community Centre from 6:30 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, and Ms. Conolly said the development will turn the area into more of a park for residents and tourists alike.

“I’m going to enhance that piece of land that government acquired to add cabanas, an additional car park, restrooms and barbecue grill facilities,” said Ms. Conolly. “We’re going to be thinning the trees a bit and clearing out the undergrowth so you can actually see from one end of the land to the next.”

The government also hopes to build a crosswalk from the existing car park to Smith Cove, alleviating the danger pedestrians face in crossing the street.

In November 2016, the Cayman Islands Cabinet approved the purchase of property adjacent to Smith Cove public beach for CI$4.4 million following a public outcry when a private developer applied for planning permission to build condo units on the site. Government bought the land from the developer with money from the government’s Environmental Protection Fund.

Ms. Conolly hopes the work on the site will begin in August, and in the best-case scenario, says it may be completed in advance of Easter 2019 so it can accommodate campers and beachgoers.

“It has to be done properly. I’m very excited about it, and I think everybody should be happy that we’re doing something for South Sound,” she said. “It’s for all of us. Not just South Sound people. It’s amazing how many tourists frequent Smith Cove during the week when the cruise ships are in.

“Smith Cove is special to many people, locals and residents and visitors alike.”


  1. Some improvements are fine, but Please no cabanas and no additional car park. Do not urbanize Smith Cove. Preserve its “laid back” state. A bus to/ from Smith Cove, running every 30 minutes or so would be a better solution to limited parking.

    • More parking=more people=crowding=more pollution=increased environmental impact=
      noise=loss of enjoyment.

      More parking runs counter to what should be of paramount concern: creating places where people enjoy spending time.

      Current car park capacity is in perfect agreement with Smith Cove capacity.

      There is also no need for barbecue grill facilities.

      Preserve tranquility of Smith Cove. No need to fix what isn’t broken.

  2. Residents first, then visitors! Don’t focus on pleasing transient visitors. Preserve it for current and future generations of Caymanians.

  3. I have lived very close to Smith’s Cove since 1972, and all our 4 children swam there every week from when they were tiny. The appeal then and now ( although there have been some minor but needed enhancements) is precisely it’s natural look with lots of native trees, so different to the commercialisation of the Public Beach. An additional car park on the seaward side has to be a no no. I do agree with Barbara however that some of the undergrowth needs to be cleared, but we have to be very cognisant of the wishes of our residents and I am glad to see Barbara is well aware of this, hence the meeting she has arranged, which I am sure will be very well attended.

  4. Time for a new rally. Save Smith Cove from the enhanced development.

    It just makes me angry when I hear a word “development”. And I am sure many don’t share Ms. Connolly’ excitement.

    Whose idea was it anyway? Is she acting on a whim? Where’s the money coming from?

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