RCIPS light show

Anyone using Cayman’s roads will have noticed police cruisers with non-flashing lights passing in recent weeks.

At the start of June, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service began to transition emergency lights on all police vehicles to an upgraded version in a bid to increase the visibility of its police vehicles and deter crime.

The light strips on top of the police cars will have static red and blue lights while the officers are carrying out non-emergency duties.

According to the RCIPS, portions of the low-density lights will remain on permanently when the vehicle is in service.

When on regular patrols, the lights on either end of the light bar on top of the cars are visible; when the police vehicles are not moving but engaged in police response, for example, at the scene of a collision or roadblock, the lights will be flashing. When the vehicles are engaged in emergency response, the lights flash more rapidly.

“The new capacity of our police vehicles to employ different kinds of lights for police response is designed to increase our visibility and also the efficacy of our response,” police said in a statement.

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