Drag racing pulls crowds to Breakers

Races may become monthly events

Almost 2,000 spectators turned out at Breakers Sunday as speed merchants took to the track for the latest drag racing event.

A group of motorsports enthusiasts have revived the sport in the Cayman Islands and are drawing large crowds for what they hope will develop into a monthly race series.

The Breakers Drag Racing Association secured a deal in May to use the track for regular racing over the next two years. Sunday’s event – dubbed “Drag Warz” – saw high-powered cars, trucks and motorbikes compete in head-to-head races on the one-eighth mile track throughout the afternoon.

A new surface was laid in recent weeks on the Breakers Speedway track to prepare for Sunday’s races.


The overall winner in the grudge-match races was Jerome Lindsey in his Honda Integra Type R DC2. He secured four wins and one loss during the day of highly competitive racing.

Kashwayne McKenzie took the motorbike title with four wins and two losses in his Suzuki GSX-R 1000.

Michael Chambers won the Top Gun Shoot-out award in his Honda Civic.

Sammy Jackson, a lawyer who is part of the association, told the Cayman Compass earlier this year that the revival of drag racing was helping get young motorsports fans off the road and on to the track.

“I am proud to say we have got a lot of these youngsters to come in and they have shown tremendous enthusiasm,” he said. “They want somewhere to race their cars and compete, and that is what we are here for.”

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