Speedway club secures deal to use track

Drag racing will become a monthly feature at the Breakers track. - PHOTO: JAMES WHITTAKER

Drag racing is set to return to the Cayman Islands on a regular basis after enthusiasts secured a deal with the landowner to reopen the Breakers Speedway track.

Lawyer Sammy Jackson, one of the founders of the Breakers Drag Racing Association, said the group had agreed on a deal with property owner Crown World to use the track for the next two years. He said they also had an option to buy the land and an agreement that they will get six months notice if it is sold to someone else.

Mr. Jackson said the deal means regular racing can return to the track for the first time in five years. The fledgling association held a one-off race day in January that attracted around 1,400 spectators to the venue.

Now, they plan to host monthly two-day events and to open up the facility to other organizations, including the Cayman Motorsports Association to host their own events.

He said the aim was to get racing off the roads and on to the track.

“Our primary purpose was to get some of the younger speed enthusiasts off the road and into a controlled environment,” Mr. Jackson said. “I am proud to say we have got a lot of these youngsters to come in and they have shown tremendous enthusiasm. They want somewhere to race their cars and compete, and that is what we are here for.”

The venue already has planning permission as a multipurpose motor sports venue. Mr. Jackson said there would be some upgrades to the track and the surrounding buildings, as well as the spectator areas.

Drivers take to the Breakers track in January this year. Organizers had secured use of the site for racing for the next two years. – PHOTO: JAMES WHITTAKER

“We are moving forward with some improvements to the facilities, including a shaded VIP area,” he said. “We have to make sure everything we do is properly managed and organized. We have a safety-first mentality.”

The next race day is Sunday, June 3, with a test and tune planned for Saturday, June 2.

Mr. Jackson said the races would be a mix of one-on-one grudge match-ups and time trials. Ultimately, drivers will compete for a season championship.


  1. Congratulations to Sammy Jackson, this is excellent news. We have a lot of young bloods here as does every country, who like to drive fast and race. Now they have somewhere legal to strut their stuff and even better they get to do it in front of an admiring crowd, and our roads will be safer as a result.

  2. Roger, I agree that we all should congratulate Mr Jackson in all of his efforts to get something like this race track for the the Cayman Island. The government should be fully supportive of the project in all of the development of it . Can we imagine a motor speedway , called the “Cayman 500”, that’s where this could go and be another important spoke in the Tourism wheel .

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