Flips, tricks, spins and grabs were on show at the Black Pearl Skate Park last week as youngsters learned some tricks of the trade from one of the world’s best scooter riders.

Jared Foulk dropped in to the skate park summer camp to show off his skills and work with Cayman Islands youth at the park’s summer camp.

The 19-year-old from Houston is a regular on the growing international pro scooter circuit. He was impressed with the facilities and the talent of the kids in Cayman.

He said he was able to teach the youngsters a few new tricks and educate them about the opportunities in the sport and the mentality needed to get to the top.

“It has been great a great opportunity to meet new faces and see a new culture,” he said. “The kids are enthusiastic, having a great time and everyone is smiling.”

Mr. Foulk, who has been scootering since age 12, has broken multiple bones in his quest to get to the top. He was knocked out and broke several bones in his face in one particularly gruesome accident. But, he says, each time he is injured, he just gets straight back into it.

“I really like action sports and everything that goes with it,” he said. “You have to get over your fear and push yourselves to the next level.”

Pro scooter rider Jared Foulk, second from right, spent a week working with kids at the skate park summer camp.
Riding high: Pro scooter rider Jared Foulk shows off his skills at the Black Pearl Skate Park. PHOTOS: JAMES WHITTAKER

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