Barefoot Man’s latest CD covers classic hits and some new numbers.

The tropical troubador Barefoot Man, otherwise known as George Nowak, has decided to go retro and release his latest album on CD.

Anyone who knows the man will not be surprised at the news from the singer, songwriter and musician who eschews modern technology in favor of the tools of yesteryear.

Do people still buy actual physical CDs? “Of course, they do,” says Barefoot Man. “Especially those who still pay for music rather than steal it off the internet without paying.

“Vacationers are still a big market, an autographed CD they can hold in their hand is a souvenir – a memory of a night out dancing under the stars in the Cayman Islands. To some (especially tourists), it’s much like a real book with pages, compared to a Kindle download. Who downloads a souvenir?”

The album is titled “Then and Now,” hinting at the fact that there are both new and classic songs featured in the lineup.

The new tracks cover a range of topics with the usual goodly dose of what Barefoot Man is best known for: political satire, tropical risqué numbers laced with innuendo and the mood of the country.

For example, “Tweet Mr. President” is a parody of the old classic “Rockin’ Robin” and is a funny ditty about President Donald Trump’s favorite pastime: tweeting.

Barefoot Man defends his sarcastic lyrics, saying, “I am not attempting to change your political views nor do I care if you are liberal or conservative; the reason why I structure the lyrics the way I do is because they rhyme. That’s what songwriters do – we rhyme – so please no nasty comments on TripAdvisor or asking for a refund.”

“Fake News” is a  hit below the belt at the foreign media and “A 70’s Lounge Singer” is a sort of Barefoot biography in the form of a song, one of the few serious cuts on this album.

The “Then” part of the CD title covers the really old popular tunes that Barefoot Man decided to include; songs that were originally only found on vinyl, cassette and earlier CDs.

“Many of my devoted fans are computer novices, like I am,” says Barefoot. “They refuse (or don’t know how) to download music and I appreciate that because most who download are computer savvy enough to obtain my music for free.”

Over the last three decades, some new fans (a few of whom eren’t even born when he first started recording) have asked Barefoot Man for songs that are no longer easily available. He has been keeping a list of the most requested of these oldies, some of which appear on this latest CD.

“I’m Coconuts Over You,” “Son of a Beach,” “Set the Old Man on Fire” and “Don’t Squeeze the Tomatoes” are just a few that were recorded, released and popular in the mid-’80s through the early ‘90s.

“It’s good to know that some people still play CDs, or maybe they just use them as a coaster or a frisbee  …  whatever, I appreciate the business,” says Barefoot.

“You know you’ve been around a long time when someone requests one of your songs that appeared on an 8-track.”