After days of being stuck on hard sand near the George Town waterfront, Cayman’s pirate-themed ship the Jolly Roger was finally removed on Saturday.

West Indian Marine successfully managed to pump the ship free of salt water to get it vertical and floating again.

“There [are] no holes but the stress and tension opened up slightly some of the wood on the ship,” said crewmember Ryan Elle on Friday.

Mr. Elle said the ship will be placed on a dry dock.

The boat had been stuck since Oct. 8, when rough seas and high waves grounded the vessel near the Lobster Pot.

The ship is a two-thirds replica of the 15th century vessel La Niña, captained by Christopher Colombus. It is used in Cayman Pirates Week and for booked tours.

When the ship was grounded previously in September, the Department of Environment concluded that a few coral colonies in the area sustained serious damage.

The DoE is investigating whether additional damage was done by the second grounding.

An investigation into what caused the accident by crewmembers is ongoing.

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